Malaysians asked not to be skeptical of MACC crackdown


KUALA LUMPUR – Jan 10, 2017: An anti-graft non-governmental organisation has called on Malaysians not to be skeptical over the ongoing crackdown by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against corrupt government officials.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Foundation (YARM) secretary-general Md Alimuddin Rahim told The Mole that all things considered, MACC must be commended for its action.

“The public might have a lot more to say about the things that MACC should do, but, the commission has been doing thorough investigations and has come up with evidence before the arrests. That is commendable.

“We need to bear in mind that they might have taken several years to collect evidence and prove a case. As a strategic partner to the commission, we can see that they are consistent in doing their job.”

Md Alimuddin, who is a former MACC officer said the commission has conducted investigations in a transparent manner, stressing that an arrest is not decided based on mere allegations.

Responding to comments by certain quarters that the commission must leave no stone unturned  in its investigation, he affirms that MACC is doing its best to adhere to provisions under the MACC Act 2009.

“Investigations and arrests should not be done arbitrarily. In fact, the power of prosecution belongs to the Attorney-General Chamber. By far, the commission is carrying out investigations transparently, according to its principles.”

He further commended the current approach undertaken by the commission and thinks that it has improved its image in the wake of criticisms directed at MACC by detractors over the years.

“Such is noticeable under the supervision of the newly appointed director-general Datuk Azam Baki. It is hoped that the open approach taken by the commission will lead to more crackdowns, and serves as an eye opener to the public that the authorities are doing their best to fight corruption.”

Meanwhile, an observation by The Mole found that MACC has won praises among the public for its works over the past months.

Referring to the recent arrests involving civil servants, particularly those of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Facebooker Amirullah Z thinks that it is high time for the authority to go all out in eradicating corruption.

“I have gone to many rural areas and I can’t possibly be more mortified by their living conditions and all the promises given to them when on the other side, someone is playing games with the money meant for them. What a shame to corrupted officials, and serves them right!”

Nathan Batha praises the commission over its current crackdown and wrote, “Those (suspects of corruption) are traitors of the nation. Good job by the authority.”

Anonymous blogger A Voice is also of the opinion that appreciation must be given to the MACC for “trying to do the most under difficult condition.”

“Courage is something not in short supply under the current leadership and team at MACC. In the past and some will still insist the present, charging politicians can be tricky. They do not have the implementing power but merely policy maker and monitoring role.

“It is made more difficult because politicians have supporters and they put unnecessary pressure on MACC,” the blogger stated in his latest blog post.



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