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PUTRAJAYA, Oct 23 2017 : The accusation by opposition DAP leader Lim Kit Siang that Malaysia’s unsuccessful bid for a seat on the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council was due to the failure of the leadership is malicious and baseless, said Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.

Anifah, in rebutting a media statement issued by Kit Siang, said it is also an insult to the country and many dedicated officers who strive to see the country’s flag fly high in international organisations.

“If one truly understands the workings of an international organisation, one will appreciate the fact that an unsuccessful bid is not a reflection of what truly transpires in the domestic realm of a state but it could be due to several reasons which includes amongst others, securing of sympathy votes by first time candidates and by candidates which had lost in its previous bid.

“Accusations that Malaysia’s international reputation and human rights standing has plunged precipitately under the current leadership’ is nothing more than an angry man venting his (Lim) anger at the current leadership.

 “The statement is weightless and downright nonsensical as he (Lim) himself had argued that some countries which have terrible human rights records got voted in. He therefore not only contradicts himself, but also proves that his theory linking the unsuccessful bid with the current leadership is flawed,” he said in a statement.

 Anifah said the fact that Malaysia secured two terms in  the Human Rights Council previously was a great achievement and a recognition of Malaysia’s human rights status.

“Malaysia has won several elections in international organisations in the past and recently. To that end, my ministry works hard to ensure the best outcomes irrespective of what the political climate is internationally. We have had our fair share of successes, and I am sure, many more are to come.”

 He said under Najib ‘s leadership, Malaysia was appointed as coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) in the Human Rights Council for 2016; nominated to represent the APG in the Consultative Group for the term April 2017 – March 2018, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (2015-2016), being a member of the UNESCO Executive Board (2015-2019).

Malaysia is also a member of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (2016-2019); a member of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (2017 – 2022) or  in the numerous other Committees and Commissions.

“Lim decided to ignore all these achievements and take a rather personal approach with erroneous assumptions, constipated thoughts and unsubstantiated accusations by linking (rather shallowly) Malaysia’s unsuccessful bid with the leadership of the prime minister and to stretch it as a far as to even relate it to the issue of 1 MDB.”

Anifah said those involved in the realm of international relations are acutely aware that a candidate (be it a state or a representative) does not win every time the name is put forward.

“This is attributed to the ever changing and fluid geopolitical circumstances and the constant variance in the landscape of international organisations. It’s a simple fact, but some, unfortunately find it hard to comprehend.” – Bernama



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