Amanah tells Pas to be clear on whether to join Pakatan or BN

KUALA LUMPUR – Nov 6, 2015: Leaders of Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) appeared to be bewildered by Pas’ apparent indecision on whether to remain in the rank of opposition parties or link up with Umno and the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Those interviewed by The Mole called on their former colleagues in Pas to be clear of their standpoint as they claimed that the current vagueness would lead to further confusion among opposition supporters.

They also said that it is confounding if the Pas’ leadership is to simply take the road to work with Umno and BN.

Amanah committee member Datuk Phahrolrazi Zawawi said that for Pas to be friendly with Umno would be unnatural if it wanted to stay in the opposition rank.

“Pas should have given a clear sign of which decision they are going to make.

“The situation is conflicting, they (Pas) wanted to remain as an opposition party, but had yet made it public that they are willing to work with BN, while continue to shut Pakatan out,” he said in reference to the new opposition coalition of Pakatan Harapan.

Stressing that Pas must be clear on which side they are truly going to be, Phahrolrazi said it is crucial to clear the air to avoid misconception among opposition supporters.

He added that Pakatan Harapan is committed in collaborating with all opposition parties and has continuously extended the joining offer to Pas since it was formed in September.

As for Amanah leaders who are formerly with Pas, Phahrolrazi said they did not cut off ties with Pas members and continue to held unofficial discussions with them in an effort to draw back Pas back into the opposition coalition.

“We can see that Pas members have different standpoint on the matter. However, it is up to their leadership to decide whether to choose BN or Pakatan.

“All in all, our stance is that all opposition parties must be in the same front (Pakatan) to face BN in the next general election,” he added.

Although Pas is said to be stern on avoiding the joining invitation, Phahrolrazi iterated that Amanah remains open and accepts whatever decision Pas would make.

Holding the same views was another Amanah committee member of Khalid Abd Samad who said that currently, there is no promising progress showing that Pas will join Pakatan.

“Another problem that we can see is that Pas is leaning towards working together with the ruling government. This collaboration will only incite further problems to us,” Khalid added.

Meanwhile, Khalid agreed that it all depends on Pas’ judgment whether to join Pakatan or to become an Umno’s ally.

Both Phahrolrazi and Khalid reiterated that although they would disagree with such collaboration between Pas and Umno, Amanah will continue to extend the joining offer and believe that all opposition parties should be under the same roof and be ready for next general election.

Earlier this year, Pas had brought their relationship with DAP to a halt, leading to the termination of the seven-year-old Pakatan Rakyat front.

Pakatan Harapan was then formed, consisting PKR, DAP, and Amanah.

Although Pakatan Harapan is said to have left its doors open to Pas, the Islamist party has consistently refused to join the pact.

As for now, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had reiterated that the party is to remain an opposition party but is willing to work with all including Umno and BN on issues of common interest.



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