Amanah leaders see no hope if opposition animosity continues

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – Dec 14, 2015: The opposition is set to suffer a grim fate in the next general election if their leaders continue to quarrel within the opposition fraternity.

That was the opinion voiced by several Amanah leaders who also called for all opposition leaders to keep their emotions in check and refrain from causing further conflicts in the opposition bloc.

They deemed that it was imperative for leaders within the opposition circle to behave themselves so as to prevent a three-cornered fight during the next general election.

The call was voiced after Amanah president Mohamad Sabu recently accused Pas of being influenced by the same extreme ideology as that of the terrorist organisation Islamic State.

Pas Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz had refuted Mohamad’s allegations and described the deposed Pas deputy president’s accusation as “a desperate plot to save his ebbing political career”.

Amanah strategic director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad stressed that recent salvos exchanged between the duo was unnecessary.

“We are in no need of statements, rhetoric from any opposition political parties that would only further divide us.

“Assuming that all opposition parties are hell-bent in bringing down the longest serving government on earth…we must accept the fact that a one-on-one fight is necessary in the next general election.

“On the contrary, we are already seeing signs of opposition currently engulfed in disarray and it does not need any convincing that their (opposition parties) differences are explosive.

“So looking at how the opposition is currently, with all the skirmishes and the destructive bickering it does not take much intelligence to tell you that the opposition would once again fail in capturing Putrajaya,” he stressed.

He added the “turbulent tides” can only be overcome if those of the newly formed opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan, establish a working relationship with Pas.

Dr Dzulkefly said that although PKR, DAP and Amanah has established a coalition platform, the top leaders of these parties must accept the fact that Pas is also an opposition party.

Thus, he deemed that in light of the next general election, PH must strike an electoral understanding with Pas.

However, he also concurred that it would be too much of a request for him or anyone in Amanah to expect that Pas will embrace them with open arms.

This he said was due to the fact that Amanah is a splinter group of Pas and that the bulk of leadership in Amanah were originally from Pas.

Despite that, he was confident that, with the passage of time, the wounds within Pas will eventually heal.

He insisted that without a one-on-one formula, the opposition will never be able to topple the BN government.

“The opposition must realise that although BN is almost terminal…toppling them will not be as easy as it seem.

“When Turkey was the sick man of Europe it took the West years before they managed to bring down the Islamic empire in 1924.

“Therefore sanity and wisdom must prevail, especially amongst opposition leaders,” he stressed to The Mole.

He also holds the opinion that if any opposition parties continue to inflict conflict within the opposition bloc, it would only fuel the perception that the party is a stooge of BN.

Amanah organising secretary Suhaizan Kaiat also echoed similar sentiment as Dr Dzulkefly’s.

The former Pas Youth chief said Amanah is open for any type of political cooperation with any opposition party.

However, when asked whether Amanah will be the one to extend an olive branch to Pas, Suhaizan replied that such decision will not be decided by Amanah alone.

“Amanah is in PH so whatever sort of agreement that anyone or any party wants to strike with us will have to go through PH first.

“So any peace offering from anyone will be dealt by PH as a whole…we will not take any individual actions,” he said.

He, nonetheless, like Dr Dzulkefly, insisted that the current animosity between Amanah and Pas will eventually subsides.



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