All main contenders in GE14 have transportation-related plans

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR — April 10, 2018: All three of the main contenders in GE14 have promised plans to improve the transportation sector.

PAS has pledged to exempt the excise duty for first time car buyers but applicable to vehicles that have a capacity of 1.3 litres and below.

This is in a way similar to Pakatan Harapan’s offering, where the same group of buyers will benefit from a reduction in excise duty. The difference is that under Pakatan’s pledge, only imported cars that are 1.6 litres and below are eligible.

In theory, this would allow young adults to save more money since excise duty exemption or reduction essentially means cheaper cars. The question is will it benefit Malaysians as a whole?

It has been said that this scheme can potentially do more harm than good to the Malaysian economy and may even put more youths in debt.

The good news is that those riding a motorcycle that is 125cc or below or driving a car that is 1.3 litres or below are eligible to benefit from Pakatan’s promise of a targeted fuel subsidy.

The Barisan Nasional’s manifesto is silent on a reduction in car prices but promises to build more highways and improve further the public transportation system.

It plans to upgrade and maintain federal roads as an alternative to tolled highways and in Sabah and Sarawak, this would affect 12,500 kilometres of rural roads.   

There will also be more railway projects such as an electrified line from Subang Jaya to Subang Skypark Terminal while the Klang Valley dual-track line will be upgraded.



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