AIA offers cancer plan to ease financial burden

The policy also provides for staggered payments while patient is being treated.

The policy also provides for staggered payments while patient is being treated.

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KUALA LUMPUR — September 18, 2015: AIA Berhad has introduced a cancer plan, A-Life Cancer360, to brace Malaysians for the financial burden of battling the disease.

In a statement today, AIA said A-Life Cancer360 policy holders who are diagnosed with early-stage cancer would receive an upfront payment of 30 per cent of the coverage amount or sum assured.

In the sixth and 12th months of the diagnosis, 10 per cent of the coverage amount would be given as a recovery reward.

“A-Life Cancer360 has a valuable power reset plan where it will automatically reset the coverage amount to 100 per cent if a cancer that is detected early does not advance in the first year of diagnosis,” the insurance company said.

AIA chief marketing officer Thomas Wong said the new plan could help ease the financial burden of families who are affected by the disease so that they can focus their energies on treatment and recovery.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of the world. Advances in treatment and early detection have made it possible for people to survive and
lead a cancer-free life.

“The flexibility of A-Life Cancer360 allows policyholders to use the money for treatment that best fits their needs as well as for other expenses that may arise during illness,” he said. — Bernama



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