Another silence, this time on post-mortem report on Adib’s death

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR — January 30, 2019: He died 45 days ago and this is the month in which the post-mortem report on the death of firemen Muhammad Adib Mohd. Kassim is said to have been completed but as February draws closer, nothing has been heard about it.

Strangely the authorities this portal contacted, including the Health Ministry and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, decided to keep mum, although the Adib story from the moment he was injured during the USJ25 Sri Maha Mariamman Temple riots in November to his death a few weeks later has been national news of much public interest.

The month-long-deadline for the “final post-mortem report” was announced by Deputy Health Minister Dr. Lee Boon Chye last December 26.

Officers from the Chemistry Department which is in charge of forensic matters said they were not allowed to comment about the report, adding that their job is to only submit it to the police.

“We too have yet to hear any update about the post-mortem report,” said Mohd. Kamaruzaman Abdul Wahab, the lawyer for Adib’s family who will take part in the inquest to determine Adib’s death, starting February 11.

He however, was hopeful that perhaps the report has been completed and that the public prosecutor’s office will share it with him at tomorrow’s mention to determine the number of interested parties in the inquest.

The inquest is called because it is believed that police was unable to obtain substantial evidence to charge anyone for Adib’s death.

Tomorrow coroner Rofiah Mohamad will determine if lawyers representing the temple taskforce and the Bar Council can participate as interested parties in the inquest.



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