Adib inquest: Adib told IJN staff he was beaten up but later indicated no

Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim

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SHAH ALAM — Feb. 25, 2019: Firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd. Kassim had confirmed to a staff at the National Heart Institute (IJN) that he was beaten up during rioting at a Hindu temple late last November.

According to cardiothoracic senior consultant surgeon, Datuk Dr. Mohamed Ezani Md. Taib, one of his team members known as Ashraf who treated Adib when he was admitted to IJN had asked Adib if he remembered the incident, to which Adib nodded his head.

“Ashraf also told me on Christmas day that Adib also nodded his head when asked if he was beaten.

“He told me this many days after Adib passed away on December 17 and I asked him to refer to our lawyers as I did know what to do next,” Ezani told prosecutor Faten Hadini Khairuddin, who is the conducting officer in the inquest.

However, Ezani recalled Adib giving a different answer when the police investigation officer came to interview him at the hospital.

Ezani also testified that he asked Adib if he rembered what happened but he shook his head. He didn’t ask Adib any further. Adib could not speak as he had tubes in his mouth and could only communicate using sign language and in writing.

Adib’s condition improved for several days and he became more awake and responsive. He even managed to respond when the hospital team called his name and could follow simple instructions.

He was also able to use a white board and pen to communicate and he also wanted his phone, said Ezani. — Bernama

The inquest before coroner Rofiah Mohamad continues. – Bernama



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