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Ezam still cannot register his new political party due to some discrepancies.

Ezam still cannot register his new political party due to some discrepancies.

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PUTRAJAYA — April 19, 2017: The Registrar of Society (RoS)  has found some discrepancies in the application submitted by the New Generation Party to change its name to Parti Bebas Rasuah (PBR).

Director-General Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah said that following the application submitted by Datuk Mohd. Ezam Mohd. Nor and Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan, RoS sent a registered letter to the official address of the party as stated in the application.

However, the letter was returned unopened.

The RoS enforcement team then inspected the office address and found that the meeting room where the party claimed to have held its extraordinary general meeting was in fact a showroom for a tiles shop. Investigations also found that the tiles shop had been in operation since last year.

In the application, the party stated that it held its EGM at the address on March 30 and the application to change the name to PBR was submitted to RoS the next day.

Razin said today that the investigation also found that the MyKad of one of the committee members listed in the application was in fact referred to a different individual and a further check with the National Registration Department found that another committee member did not exist.

The RoS is still investigating the party’s application and would record statements from several other witnesses.

But as long as the application is under investigation, Ezam is not allowed to use the name.

Bernama earlier reported that the New Gen Party’s president Datuk G. Kumar Aamaan claimed that Ezam and Khairuddin had hijacked his party by changing the name to PBR.

Kumar claimed that Ezam and Khairuddin had acted without his knowledge and consent and of 300 members of the party as there had been no prior notice or meeting on the matter, prompting them to lodge a report with the police and RoS.



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