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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 2016 (Malaysian Digest) : With 2017 fast approaching, it’s no surprise that majority of us have already started on our New Year’s resolution, with the most common of them all being – to keep healthy and strive for a healthier physique.

However, are we adopting the right lifestyle and eating habits to obtain that dream physique?

According to a Health Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2015, it revealed that approximately 33.1 per cent of Malaysians are inactive and lack exercise.

Quoting a report published in September, the Acting Director of the Labuan Federal Territory Dr Mohd Zaki Abdul Hamid said that, youngsters in particular, lack exercise, plus a majority of them are involved in negative activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol and drug addiction, the very reason for a decrease in the quality and productivity of the people in this country.

So, how can Malaysians be healthy when they lack exercise, coupled with the excess use of cooking oil in our daily food intake?

Fitness instructor, Asyikin Zainal, shared with Malaysian Digest that every individual who wishes to maintain a good health must not only participate in daily exercises, but should also be wary of how much cooking oil is consumed in their food and cooking.

She further emphasises that exercising is key rather than dieting, adding that Malaysians must balance between the two to ensure they lead a healthier lifestyle.

“If you know you consume a lot of oil, exercise! Even for me who watches what I eat and have a strict diet, the effort goes to waste if a regular exercise routine is not followed,” she stressed while adding that consumers should reduce the consumption of cooking oil due to health reasons.

Asyikin clarified that most Malaysian cuisines are doused in oil, especially Malay and Chinese cuisines – in the same time advising to use at least two tablespoons a day.

“I see no harm in reducing the usage of cooking oil as the cook should know when to stop or know how much oil is needed in a serving.

“I don’t have a degree in Health Science, but I do believe that Malaysians should reduce the amount of cooking oil in their daily cooking.

“To put things into perspective: when was the last time you ate something without oil or had little to no oil in it?,” she asked.

“I normally use two tablespoons of cooking oil in most of my dishes,” she added.

With Asyikin being health-conscious, she shared that she substitutes cooking oil, using fresh avocados to cook her meals, and urges housewives to use nonstick pots and pans instead to cook.

“My experience of taking care of my diet has taught me that I don’t need to use a lot of oil for frying, and neither do I need to grease butter onto my nonstick pots and pans,” she relayed.

Asyikin’s two cents, is evidently in-line with the Cooking Oil Price Stabilisation Scheme (COSS), implemented by the government on November 1, encouraging Malaysians to reduce the use of cooking oil in their cooking.



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