Singapore orders opposition to correct campaign video

Lim Tean

Written by TheMole

July 3, 2020

A Singapore opposition party has been ordered by the government to correct a social media post as it campaigns for the republic’s general election next week.

People’s Voice was yesterday told to correct a video posted at Facebook and YouTube, showing party chief Lim Tean saying the government spends S$250 million providing free education for foreigners every year.

A government website has pointed out that the video contained false and misleading statements by Lim as most foreign students have to pay fees higher than local students.

The opposition party complied with the instruction by putting up banners at the post saying it contains inaccurate information.

Singaporean ministers are empowered by law to order social media sites to put warnings next to posts considered false or even order pages be blocked.

People’s Voice is among a handful of small opposition groups taking on the ruling People’s Action Party at the July 10 polls.



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