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1MDB sells to cut debts?

Part of the area is being developed.

Part of the area is being developed.

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Friday, 8 May 2015


Ok baca news ni dulu:


‘In a statement emailed to the The Malaysian Insider today, Tabung Haji chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Johan Abdullah said that the fund had invested in a piece of land with the plan of building a residential tower at the price of RM188.5 million’

Now read this news from Reuters via MT:

‘1MDB has a $1.75 billion bond maturing in 2022 with a coupon rate of 5.99 percent. The next half-yearly payment of around $52 million is due on May 11′

OK now at current exchange rate $52 million = RM (52×3.6) million = RM187.2 million, 
thus, this meant that on May 11 2015, 1MDB has to make a half yearly payment of RM187.2 million.
So….. is there any connection between Tabung Haji’s investment of RM188.5 million to that half yearly payment that 1MDB needs to make to fulfill their financial obligations?  
Well, I heard that many people asked what 1MDB will do with the money paid by Tabung Haji.



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