1MDB live stand-off is opposition’s provocation game plan – Umno grassroots

KUALA LUMPUR – Nov. 3, 2015: The proposed live debate between 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB) chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy and DAP lawmaker Tony Pua has been deemed by Umno grassroots leaders as an orchestrated provocation by the opposition parties.

Those contacted by The Mole said the people should not be fooled by Pua’s latest “willingness” to forgo the stand-off, while he mooted that it would contravene the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigation into 1MDB.

Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Mohd Razlan Rafii said Pua should have think long and hard before he challenged the government to a face-off aside of manipulating the private and confidential information he gained from his position in the PAC.

“Pua should have respected his position as a PAC member from the beginning. His responsibility is to conduct just and eloquent investigations into 1MDB, along with other important investigations.

“Instead, he spends so much of his time bickering on the government’s silence and disparaging the government as being a coward.”

Razlan added, the government is transparent in explaining 1MDB fiasco to the people. However, Pua’s persistence and impudent action shows that it is possible for him to use the information he gained from his position in PAC against Arul.

“A healthy debate should be organised based on a clear and just objective. As a member of the PAC, Pua has the opportunity to question the government on 1MDB through the right platform, which is the investigation. His decision to “question” the government through a debate is a sign of him being undisciplined.”

In the midst of his decision to withdraw from the debate, it appears that all Pua wanted to do is to provoke the people to blame the ruling government, said Razlan.

“The opposition parties have hidden agenda; it is as if they are up to no good. He must understand that such a debate will only incite further hatred from the people.”

Resonating the same stand, Kapar Umno deputy division chief Datuk Saruni Judi observed that Pua is indecisive and did not portray the real principle of DAP’s fight. It proves that Pua is afraid of losing his position as PAC member and lose access to 1MDB information.

Saruni also concurs that this has always been the opposition’s strategy to bring down the government.

“What is important to the opposition is to stir people’s perception, and Pua is establishing this provocation game plan for the parties,” he added.

The ruling government, according to Saruni is transparent and responsible in handling the wild allegations against 1MDB even when it faces a period-long of condemning.

Conversely, Sekijang MP Datuk Anuar Abdul Manap clarified that the debate surfaced as Pua keeps on questioning the same issue in parliament, while 1MDB has always being truthful and bold in defending itself.

“1MDB and the government as a whole are not afraid of the wild allegations as suggested by Pua. The ruling government never hides anything regarding 1MDB. We understand that it is important to be transparent to the public.

“The debate is indeed a great platform for Pua to lambast 1MDB. If he is truly fighting for the people who he claimed to be ‘perplexed by 1MDB fiasco’, then Pua should not withdraw from his PAC position and participate in the debate unconditionally,” he added.

Nevertheless, the interviewed Umno leaders agreed that if the opposition is aflame in bringing down the government through the live stand-off, Pua must renounce his position from the PAC, or else opposition should replace Pua with someone else.

It is concluded that the debate is the opposition’s game plan in overthrowing the ruling government in the eyes of the people. There is certainly an issue of conflict of interest hid by Pua, and this, according to the Umno leaders is intolerable considering that 1MDB is targeted by the opposition as a primary deal-breaker.

Reviewing on the 1MDB live debate, generally, these Umno grassroots are of the same mind that it would serve as a platform to show the people that the government has always been transparent, thoughtful, and brave as opposed to Pua’s claim.

Saruni and Anuar mooted that the government has been very careful and meticulous in preparing the explanations to opposition’s allegations.

“The government’s voice is full of dignity. When the time comes, our leaders are ready to present their arguments and reasoning with no holds barred. We are different from the opposition who only knows to provoke and talk,” Saruni said.



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